Why good hosting is important

Having a good hosting provider means you have a great lifeline for your website.

Using a hosting provider doesn’t mean that your website is okay or it’s enough to build a successful business. There are many other factors, which you should keep under your eye, while choosing a hosting provider.

If you don’t know about those factors then don’t worry, let me help you.

Let’s start.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting (Hosting) is basically a computer, which remains online 24/7 with an internet connection and all the files of your website (Content, Pictures, Documents, and Videos etc.) store in it. It could be a shared computer or private computer. Shared Computer (Hosting) is for starters and Private computer (Hosting) is for large business websites.

Why good hosting is important?

Good Web Hosting works as oxygen for your website. Without a good hosting provider your website could not survive so long. There are many factors, which you should keep highlighted in your mind while choosing a hosting provider. I could not mention every single factor, because they are countless.

So, I’m going to discuss major ones to prove good hosting is important:

  • Reliability and Uptime
  • SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Good Customer Support
  • Should be Secure
  • Good Load Time
  • Should Provide Email Services and Security
  • Should be Fully WordPress Managed
  • Should provide Daily Back-up
  • Should be Price Friendly
  • Should contain User friendly Control Panel
  • Domain Protection and Privacy

Reliability and Uptime

Good Hosting is important because your hosting computer (Server) should be uptime for 24/7/365. If it’s down then your website will also be down with it, and you may lose your visitor.

Let me clear this word “Uptime” for you.

Uptime means your server should be stay ON with internet connection (Internet connection is necessary). A great uptime increases the reliability of a server (Computer).

SSD Storage

SSD refers to Solid State Drive.

SSD Drives are faster than HHD drives. I would prefer those hosting providers who are providing SSD storage drives. A good hosting provider always take care of your needs and gives importance to them.

By using SSD storage your server will response fast to all the requested files.


If your chosen hosting provider is providing unlimited bandwidth then, I will recommend you to choose it.

But let me inform you one thing that, with some of hosting providers “Unlimited Bandwidth” is not actually unlimited. They still have some limitations. But a good hosting provider will never change the words mentioned on the page, in reality.

You have be sure about that, by connecting to their customer support.

Good Customer Support

No matter you are beginner or not, you may need anytime to get a support of specialist.

The chosen hosting provider should have great response time to its users. If your hosting provider’s response rate is low then you can find difficulty in finding the solution of different problems.

There are many good hosting providers in the market, containing the teams of highly trained developers with great experience to solve all the problems, you face in your website.

Should Be Secure

Your online business will be your source of income for whole life, and its security is most important thing to take care. Don’t compromise with those hosting providers, who are less secure.

There are many ways for a hacker to get into your website and destroy all of your work in single clicks. So, chose those hosting providers who are providing great security for your WordPress website (or Custom website).

Good Load Time

If your website is loading fast then, it’s a plus point for you to grab the attention of visitors.

Your hosting provider should provide you great page loading speed. Otherwise you can make feel your visitor that you are not interested in your services.

You will get a great load time of all pages in good hosting package, and that good hosting is important for you.

Email Services and Security

Emails could be a great source to get your fan visitors back to your website. You design different email pages and send them different offers or inform them about upcoming events.

If you are running an online store then, emailing feature is most important feature for you to use because you have to send and receive thousands of emails on daily or weekly basis.

Your hosting provider should provide you unlimited email features with great security. Your hosting package should contain the anti-spam protection and other mailing security features to stay away from ghosts.

Fully WordPress Managed

If you are going to use WordPress to design and run your website then, your hosting packaged should be fully managed according to WordPress.

Due to great attention, now it’s very important for every hosting provider to add an extra service of “Managed WordPress Hosting” for its customers.

Purchasing the fully managed hosting plans could be expensive. But if you think your website is getting a good response and you should move from shared hosting then, I will recommend you to choose business bundle/pro of managed WordPress Hosting.

Daily Backups

Your hosting provider should facilitate you with daily backup facility.

Backup of your website is also an important thing to take care.

For example: if you lose your website due to some hack of unexpected crack then you can get your website back in seconds through backups.

There are many options to back up your website. I have a guide on “How to back up your website by using plugin” and “How to back up your website manually”.

Price Friendly

Your hosting provider should understand your budget. All the packages should be easily purchasable by any starter.

There are many Hosting Providers who are taking good care of price under their all hosting packages. A hosting package with all these great feature could be jackpot for you and your website.

User Friendly Control Panel


C-Panel is a very famous highly used control panel in the market but if your chosen hosting provider is providing its own Control Panel then it should be user friendly.

Its options and settings should be fully managed by the developers, and all should be perform well.

Domain Privacy

The domain privacy protection helps you to hide your personal information like billing address, email details, codes, phone number, etc.

Your privacy is an important thing, so that the ghosts stay away from you. If your hosting provider is also providing WhoIs protection then I will recommend you to show thumb and purchase it.

Now you have known that why good hosting is important for you. If you are getting all these features in a suitable price then, I think you will be enjoying a butter on bread.

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