What is WordPress? Clarify for Beginners

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is based in PHP and MySQL to build websites without learning the headache of Code. By using WordPress you can build your dream website. It is the simplest and most popular way to create a website.

WordPress was initially released on May 27, 2003, founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike little, under the license GPLv2 (General Public License). It means WordPress is free for everyone. You do not need to pay anyone to use WordPress. It is a software which helps to create websites.

The original purpose of WordPress was Blogging, when it was first created. After the support and great response from users, other types of web content like Emailing, Forms, Online Stores, and Membership, etc are also included in it. According to research, more than 60 million websites are using WordPress to manage its content. From the top 10 million websites of 2019, 33.6% of websites are using WordPress.

Installation of WordPress

WordPress works on the server (You have to purchase) by downloading from WordPress.org. You can also use it on WordPress.com. As I have already mentioned that it is an open-source (Free for Everyone) platform, you do not need to pay for WordPress. Instead of using A server you can also use WordPress in local machine (Your Computer) to test and design it. But to publish it for the audience you have to purchase an online server and domain.

There is a WordPress Guide for Beginners managed and published by Wp Pointer, by reading and following this guide you can build your dream website in simple steps.

WordPress.com and WordPress.org

It depends on which functionality you want to use on your website. Let’s see what the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is.

WordPress.org/Serf Hosted

You can host your website on your private server by downloading it from https://wordpress.org/. But for this purpose, you should have some technical knowledge. There will be a lot of questions in your mind while getting the start, like which domain I should use? , Which Hosting Provider is best for you? How to install WordPress on a live server? And How to work with WordPress Themes and Plugins? Etc.

Don’t worry if you have already decided to use WordPress on a personal live server then read this “Build a WordPress Website Guide”. It contains all the answers to your questions.

WordPress.com/A Managed Hosting

WordPress.com is also established by the developers of WordPress software application. It is a Commercial enterprise that contains full-time developers and designers, who are working continuously for you. By using WordPress.com you do not need to purchase any server or domain. You will be gifted by a free subdomain and a small amount of space to create your website. All the technical stuff will be handled by the WordPress.com team.

We can say that WordPress.com is a free hosting provider which is providing free hosting for customers. It also contains the paid add-ons to boost your website. WordPress.com contains a great huge community where people from all over the world read your article and follow your profile to get the latest updates. You can also rank your website on google for all over the world but have to pay for it.

WordPress Themes

Do you know what’s the great thing in WordPress software application, you do not need to put your head in code stuff to design your website. There are millions of free and paid themes available in the market to import in your WordPress. Just import the Best WordPress Themes which are compatible according to your needs and you are ready to go.

You can switch and install themes easily. The WordPress Themes allows you to customize its design according to your ideas. You can change a lot of things in a theme by using the Customizing Options (Provided by the Theme Developer).

All the WordPress Themes are designed under the commands of HTML, PHP, and CSS. You can import WordPress themes manually by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and through your Control Panel (C-Panel or Plesk).

If you have the knowledge of code stuff then you can also change the styles and functionalities directly from WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Plugins

The architecture of WordPress Plugins allows you to increase or decrease the functionalities of your WordPress based website. According to June 2019, WordPress.org contains almost 55 thousand plugins that allow users to increase the functionalities of their themes or to add some extra features in the website.

Now you do not need to put code in your theme to expend its functionality. You can just simply install a plugin and you are ready to take off. I would never say that all the themes are working fine and good for everyone. There are chances that the plugin you want to choose for the desired functionality may not be tested with your latest version of your website. But there is a list of Famous WordPress Plugins which you can use while building the WordPress based website. All these themes are almost being used by millions of websites.

What Type of Website You can build with WordPress?

As I have already mentioned above that in the start WordPress was a platform to build only a blog website, but now after the huge intentions, all other categories are also included in it. Now after changing the core code of WordPress (by WordPress Foundation) and a huge increase in Plugins and theme development, you can develop any type of website.

Now WordPress is not limited only to blogging, you can build Business Websites, Traveling websites, Online Stores, a Recipe Website, Streaming Website, Education Website, and Portfolio Website, etc. I don’t matter which category you want in your WordPress, just install the WordPress and search for theme and plugin.

Why you should use WordPress?

WordPress is covering almost 35% of the whole internet. If you are a non-tech. then WordPress is a great option for you. There are too many reasons to choose WordPress, but I would like to share important ones, which can change your mind.

1) You can control your content as you want with the help of Themes and Plugins.

2) You can import your data from other platforms to WordPress or From WordPress to other platforms like Blogger or Tumbler.

3) There is a huge and well-educated team working 24/7 to make WordPress secure and reliable. It is released under the Open Source License, which means you do not need to pay for it.

4) Thousands of Themes and Plugins are available on WordPress.org. You can use them to build a WordPress Website with desired functionalities.

5) It easy to use and famous all over the world. You can get great support for issues from WordPress.org forum portions and other Freelancing websites.

6) Its completely customizable. Import the paid or free theme customize it with your ideas and you are ready to go. You can also hire some other genius designers to design your website.

7) World’s largest content management system (CMS), which provides a flexible way to publish your content. Now after introducing the Gutenberg, publishing the article has become more stylish and easy.

8) You can get the fully managed WordPress hosting platforms. You do not need to worry about the server configurations, everything will be handled by the experts.

Want to get started with WordPress?

If you want to make a start with WordPress and want to learn all the things about WordPress then you are in the right place. Wp Pointer is providing a WordPress Guide for Beginners, by reading and following this guide you can learn all the things about WordPress and at the end, you will be able to build your website.

After learning the WordPress you will face many issues on your website, and obviously, you will need solutions. WP Pointer is not only providing a WordPress Guide for Beginners to build websites, but you can also search for solutions to your problems.

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