How to choose a Domain Name for your Blog

First ask these questions to yourself:

Do you really want to build a famous online brand?

Do you really want to rank high?

Are you serious about your online presence?

Do you really want, people know about you?

Do you love your money?

If answer of all these questions is “Yes”, then let’s talk about “How to choose a Domain Name for your Blog”.

6 years ago I started a blog about film reviews (When I just learned about WordPress). I though my blog will be famous and I will earn a large amount of money from it. So, I started writing reviews about different famous films.

I almost spend 5 to 6 hours daily, to search about relevant reviews and write them in my own words. Sometime I just wrote my own thoughts about specific film.

Do you know what my Domain Name was? (Seriously…!)

Well…! I almost worked 1 year on it, and result was Zero.

Yes, that was very disappointing for me. I though, online working is just a waste of time and money, and I should stop wasting my time. So, I stopped working on it.

One day I was search about How to rank in google, and I found a word “SEO”, and that was the main point. When I started to read about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I just realized that I started with a wrong word.

That wrong word was my Domain Name. Yes, and after that I realized that I was not following the keyword research methods.

After that I started digging about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and everywhere I found 1 thing very important, and that was “Choosing the right domain name”. So, if you are fresh person, then don’t do the same mistake that I did.

Follow all my points about “How to choose a Domain Name for your Blog”, and I promise your first step of building a WordPress website will be worthwhile.

Why Domain Name is Important?

Your domain name is a key point for your website. It can shine you or destroy you, that’s why it’s very important to choose a good domain name while building website.

After reading from stat, you probably will be thinking about “Why domain name is so important?”

So, let me clear this for you.

Have you heard that “First impression is a last impression?”

No…? Well you read it now.

  • The first impression on any visitor of any website is a Domain Name. If your Domain Name is good enough that it could lead to a good impression. But if your Domain Name is not that good to attract visitor then you can lose him/her.

Have an eye above, my domain name was not that great to put positive impressions.

  • Not only impression, Domain Name can also effects the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. If your domain name is according to your keywords, then it could lead you to win points. Yes that’s really true.

Again, have an eye above, my domain name was also not according to my Main Keyword or Meta Keywords (Film, review).

  • My Domain Name was also not providing a brand recognition. It was not related to my published work. Your Domain Name provides your business an identity. Like your name is your identity. If you perform well, people will know you with your name.
  • It is one of the biggest spots which defines your website. You have to marry with your domain name. If you will chose to continue with other domain name in the future, then you will be beat by your domain name.

Changing a domain name in future could lead you to lose your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How to choose a Domain Name for your Blog

If you really want to know about How to choose a Domain Name for your Blog, then keep these points in your mind while selecting and finalizing a domain name.

Use Top-Level Domain (TLD)

There are almost 7 top-level domains (TLD).

  1. .com = It’s a commercial (open) TLD. Anyone can use it.
  2. .org = Use by Non-Profit Organizations. Anyone can use it.
  3. .net = Use by network providers or computer distributers. Anyone can use it.
  4. .int = Use my international organizations.
  5. .edu = Use by educational institutes
  6. .gov = Use by American government and on the request of other governments (Countries).
  7. .mil = Use my United States military.

There are many domain extensions available for you, but you have be sure while choosing them. You should be stick with .com TLD.

Choosing the right domain extension is as important as selecting the domain name.

Why .com is important

.com .net and .org are the oldest and most famous domain extensions. These extensions has made a great importance in search engines and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Almost 53% websites are using .com extension, and I would like to inform you that, why it’s so important to have a .com extension in you domain name.

  1. It is oldest and most famous domain extension.
  2. Google loves .com extension.
  3. Easy to remember
  4. It’s famous and people first type .com at the end of any domain name it they don’t know the extension.
  5. It’s easy to memorize.
  6. It’s universal domain extension.

Well you can also use .net and .org as your domain extension, but I will suggest you to use .com, if you are serious about building a famous brand (Blog, Store, Organization, Brand etc.).

.com is take?

If .com extension for your domain is taken then go for .net or .org, if these 2 are also taken then, I will suggest you all to start thinking about other domain name.

And note that, don’t use .club .biz .pizza .space .photo or .al etc. extensions.

Do you know?

If your visitors are using smart phone or tablet for searching, then the first extension it shows is .com extension.

Use Keywords in your Domain

Domain tells google about your website.

Let me explain this with an example.

My website WP Pointer is about WordPress tutorials. That’s why I used WP in the start of my domain. It helps me to rank in google.

For example if you are going to build a website about “news” or the main keyword of your website is “news”, then you should use news word in your domain name. It will help google to understand, what your website is about.

Yes, it is very hard to find a good domain name with your targeted keyword. If it is already taken, then you have to think more about it.

A great domain name with keyword and .com extension can lean you to rank high in google, with a great identification.

Should Be Unique

Your domain name should be unique and brand-able. It should give a massage to audience and google both. It should be unique so it could easily say in the minds of peoples (Remember-able).

For example


It looks brand-able and easy to understand. Let’s suppose, if it was Now, it’s not a unique and brand-able name.

It should be short

Your domain name should be of 12 characters or less than 12 characters. Yeah…! Now are thinking that how it could be short if I’m going to use keyword in it.

Well…! You have to think about it. It should contain your major keyword and it should be of 12 characters or less than 12 character. Don’t overwarm your domain name with more than 12 characters.

Remember if it is more than 12 or 13 characters, it will be hard for a visitor to remember it.

Should be easy to write and speak

If you want to develop a huge brand by spending large amount of money, then you should spend some time to think about your domain name.

Try to write your chosen domain name with more than one time. Also, ask other 10 to 20 peoples to write down your domain name by telling them your domain name one time.

After that tell them to speak your domain name. Ask them to share it with each other by speaking it.

If more than half peoples easily cleared this task then your domain name is okay to use. But if people are facing problem to write it or speak it, then just try to find new name.

Don’t use Numbers and Hyphens

Let’s suppose is “” or “”. It looks odd and difficult. Most of peoples could not write and speak that type of domain name.

The use of Numbers and Hyphens can increase the difficulty for ready to write it and speak it.

Stick to the letters, don’t use numbers or any characters (Hyphens).

If you think you can use your selected domain name (which is already taken by someone else) by adding hyphens or numbers, then you are wrong. By using the hyphens and number you can lead your visitors to your competitors. Why…?

Because peoples (Visitors) could not remember your domain name (They will forget it).

Don’t Use Double Letters

Try not to use one letter more than one.

For Example:

Try to remember “”. Obviously you could not remember it. You have to focus on letter “P”. You probably have to count it and remember it, and no one do that.

Your visitors could not try to remember these letters, because they do not have enough time, and you will lose them.

Ask yourself,

How many domain names do you remember?

The list will be consist on those domain names which are easy to remember, and have made some place in your mind.


How many domain names you tried to remember?

Probably, list is short or just contain 2 or 3. These 2 or 3 domain names are those domain name which may be related to your job or you have something important to do by using these 2 or 3 websites.

Should be related to Content

If you have found a great domain name or you like a name which you want to use for building a website and it is also available in .com, but it’s not related to content, which you are going to upload on your website. Then you may lose attention of your visitors.

Scroll up and read introduction of this article where I told you about my first website “”.

That was not related to the content which I uploaded, that’s why my visitor where not getting it in their minds. It also do not contain any keyword in it. It also contain “I” letter more then 1.

Avoid Trademarks and search Social Media

As I have already mentioned in the start that your domain name should be unique.

You have to search for dual presence. If the selected name is already used by other person or organization then it could be hard for you to grab the attention of other peoples (Visitors).

It is very important to build the presence of your website on social media platform. It is important to provide same details on all over the social media platforms and your website, so your fans/users could easily identify you.

It also helps google to get to know about your website, and helps to rank in search results.

Search for Trademarks

You can perform a trade mark search by visiting “”. If you found that, the selected name is already used and managed by any organization or team or individual, and it is ranking on top, then you should avoid to use it. You can also search for trade marks on

Social Media Search

You can perform a social media search for your selected domain name, to ensure that it is already available and used by someone else or not.

Visit, and type your selected domain name. It will show you the result, conducted by searching best 25 social media platform. Now you can check the presence of your selected domain name.

Use Domain Name Generator

Searching a domain name could be a hard task to do. That’s why I’m going to show you some Domain Name Generators.

By using these generators you can find out different available domain name by putting desired keywords.

There are almost 365 million domain names, which are already registered, that’s why mostly people think that all the great domains are sold.

But that’s not true. There are still chances. You can find your lovely domain name for your dream website by using there domain name generators.


Hurry Up and Purchase it

If you have completed all the steps and your chosen domain name has passed all the tests then purchase it right now. There are thousands of domains purchased by thousands of peoples all over the world. If you have found your great domain name then don’t ’waste time and purchase it.

If you will late, there are chances that someone else will purchase it.

Domain’s works as the property (Real Estate). Most of peoples and companies purchase domains and sold them again in high prices (It has become business). So do it now, otherwise you will lose your domain name.

Choose Domain Providers

Now, you will be probably thinking about where from I should purchase a domain name?

Don’t worry.

I have a guide of “Best domain name providers”.

Read it carefully and chose your partner.

It could be difficult in future to transfer your domain name from one provider to another, so choose any domain provider carefully. The list of best domain name providers contains all the well-established providers.

Like Web-Hosting, the price of domain names also vary.

So let’s choose a good domain name provider in less price.


Choosing a good domain name for your blog is a first step to build a website.

Yes…! It is a heavy task to do, because you have to think on it and spend some time to research about your niche and available domain names in .com.

But I assure you if your chosen domain name clears all the listed instructions, then you will not face any problem in ranking and building a great memorable platform.

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