List of best Hosting Providers

If you don’t know about choosing good hosting provider then, you can read a guide “How to choose good hosting provider?” It contains a list of qualities, which should be in a good hosting provider.

If you have already read it, then welcome to my guide “List of best Hosting Providers”.

Choosing a good hosting provider could be a hard job for starters, because there are many outstanding hosting providers out there. I’m going to mention best of them according to needs of beginners to business holders.

All these hosting providers are providing their services from a long time and now they all are managed to get a grip in marked by providing user friendly services. By reading about each hosting provider, you have to decide at the end that, which one is best for you, according to the niche (Category) of your website.

Now you do not need to test any hosting provider. In past 6 years I have used many hosting providers, and at the end I have managed to get these results, which I’m going to show you.

How I collected this data


That was not so easy.

As I have already mentioned in my guide named “How to choose a good domain name?” that, my first website was “”. I used almost 3 hosting providers for that website, and after that, for this one “” I used all of them, which are mention in this list of best hosting providers.

I purchased yearly plan of every single famous provider, and published a website with almost 50 blog posts, with pictures and embedded videos. I checked almost all hosting providers’ performance for a month (Speed, reliability, uptime, etc.)

So, on the basis of all the tests, now I’m presenting the top 10 hosting providers. You can trust them to host your website.

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